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It is our pleasure in presenting this message about the JAMIUL ALFAR JUMMAH MASJID a centre for common prayers, a place of worship, a place to feel our nearness to Almighty Allah SWT

Your time in reading this information will go along way in the development process of this place of worship. As reading information about a place of worship itself will credit a lot of merit onto you.

This historical place of worship known as JAMIUL ALFAR JUMMAH MASJID is referred as SAMMAN KOTTU PALLI in pure Tamil, RATHU PALLIYA in Sinhala and RED MASJID in English is situated in the Muslim concentrated business area of PETTAH (PURAOKOTTAI - Second Cross Street) Colombo.

If necessity is the mother of invention, so be it with the establishment of this MASJID. The devout Muslims needed a place to pray five times a day, this brought about a construction of a common place of worship in 1908, the traveling business Muslims, our forefathers from India realized the need came forward to fulfill this by building the MASJID in the area. It is important not to forget our forefather's dedication and contribution towards building a place of worship which till date has only increased the number of fellow Muslims in the area and the spirit of Islam almost making a stamp of our religion in the area. We pray to Allah to take these pioneers our ancestors into the heavenly aboard Aameen, Aameen Ya Rabbal Aalameen.

THE UNIQUENESS OF JAMIUL ALFAR MASJID - Jamiul Alfar MASJID is one kind of architectural monument in the country, it has enriched in itself the Islamic Culture along with its majestic colonial English looking structural detailing with its vibrant color of red with its close proximity to the Colombo Ports forms a scenic yet a very spiritual environment. Also showing it's solidarity with standing the test of time, these features attract many businessman and tourists as well to this MASJID.

Words may fail us in delineating the godliness, peace and integration with Allah, once inside this place of worship. 1920, 1933, 1950 and 1976 were special years to mention, the sight of thousands of Muslims devotees, praying while the Holy Quran was recited entirely by a Hafiz in just two "rakaths" was something to be seen to be delivered. Such events have only brought more devout Muslims youths to take to the recital of the Holy Quran.

Besides being a centre for spiritual embellishment the MASJID also has been playing its role in the social fabric of life. It has been a place of protection during the troubled times, such as communal disturbances and war threats. We were the first to lend a hand after the tsunami disaster and during the times of war.