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The Masjid was originally constructed in 1908 with a capacity for a congregation of 1500 people, when only around 500 were attending prayers. During the early 70’s it became apparent that space was going to be a constraint and it was in 1975 that the initial expansion of the mosque commenced. This was done by acquiring the adjacent building by the Masjid and the Haji Omar Trust. The Masjid , purchased the land behind the mosque with the H A K Omar Trust acquiring the land by the main road which consisted a shopping complex of 32 shops and a bear land  .  The expansion phase was carried out in the land acquired by the mosque and the bear land acquired by the Haji Omar Trust. Thus increasing the capacity from 1500 devotees.

Today the numbers have significantly increased especially for Jummah prayers, which is around 5000. On a normal working day about 2000 congregate for Jammath prayers whilst during the Ramazan days  more than 3000 congregate for Jammath Prayers.


AL JAMIUL ALFAR MASJID ALSO KNOWN AS SAMMAN KOTTU PALLI OR RATHU PALLIYA OR RED MASJID  is the mosque that caters to the largest number for a congregational of prayer in Sri Lanka.  We are grateful to Almighty Allah for bringing in such number of followers into our Masjid, yet we cannot just take that for granted and not provide adequate space and comfort for those who come into the Masjid


The increase in numbers  for Jammath Prayers has resulted in people praying on the streets outside the masjid. These streets, in times other than prayer times are normally very busy with lots of trading activities being carried out in this area.  This being a public road is very untidy and unhygienic.  It is in these roads that the congregation during prayer time joins the Jammath.  Every nook and corner of the street is being used for prayers including near the gullies. During the monsoon which is usually four (04) months of a year, the site is pathetic.  This is sad, but a true tale. It is in order to ease this congestion that we are now embarking on a new expansion programme.

We show the picture hereunder of devotees at Friday Jummah Prayers outside the Masjid